Be careful with ladders, they may bite you

29 Jul

So I was painting a few days ago with my father and we had to reach a high peak on the side of a building to paint the trim.  This required that we extend our 30 foot ladder up to its highest point.  After finishing the high point, the ladder jammed and we could not get it to disengage to bring the top part of the extenstion back down.  This is where wisdom should have prevailed, but I stood at the base of the ladder and shook it, which dislodged the top half, sending it hurtling toward the bottom with the full force of gravity.  With no time to react, the thumb of my left hand became hopelessly pinned between the two halves of the ladder.  Fun times!  I shouted for my father to free my pinned hand, and after doing so I looked down in horror at my thumb which was bent in a very unnnatural position.  I grabbed the thumb with my free hand and pulled hard, at first unable to pop my thumb back.  My father prayed for the thumb, and after another couple of yanks, I was finally able to realign the thumb, as it snapped back into place.   A word to all of you painters and ladder climbers out there:  be smart when you get into a situation like this.  I just feel blessed that I wasn’t more severely injured.  All in a day’s work…


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