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Be careful with ladders, they may bite you

29 Jul

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What is a Debt Ceiling Anyway?

20 Jul

Is anyone else sick of hearing about the “debt ceiling”?  What is a debt ceiling anyways?  Is that when someone tacks their overdue phone and credit card bills to their ceiling to remind them just how desperately in debt they are? And what is the point of a debt ceiling if you can continue to raise it every time you need to just to keep from defaulting. 

All of this back and forth argument about an imaginary ceiling that nobody seems to understand has become quite exhausting.  I do know this: to get into debt you have to spend more money than you bring in.  So it stands to reason that some government spending cuts should be in order if they do raise this debt ceiling, otherwise we will find ourselves in this same predicament in a few years. 

Let’s talk about something besides this ridiculous debt ceiling… like the weather… man is it hot out there! And not just hot, but off the charts humid.  It is like breathing through a straw outside, which would be great if the air was comprised of a gigantic chocolate malt, but instead it’s just sucking in hot air, and then breathing fire.  So I digress… I hope everyone out there has air conditioning, or atleast a ceiling fan…oh no, not talk about ceilings again!

The beginning of my blog

19 Jul

I don’t know what I want to accomplish with this blog…I have never blogged before so I thought I might as well begin.  I hope to offer my insights on various topics of the day.  I also would like to discuss my faith in Jesus Christ and hopefully offer some uplifting encouragement to somebody out there.  I would like to officially launch this blog with some words for all:  I believe God created everyone with unique gifts and talents that we are meant to share with eachother.   It can be easy to become pessimistic in a world with so many cynics and naysayers, and sometimes people end up feeling like they have nothing to offer.  I am here to say that you can make a big impact by finding out what you have to offer and stepping out in faith that you can make this world a better place.  It all starts at home in our families and in our neighborhoods.  We need to reclaim a sense of community and collaborate to make this world a world of light to crowd out the darkness out there.

Hello world!

19 Jul

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